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Merge, clean, dedupe and reformat data with a few clicks

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See the results of each transform immediately.



Break complex transformations down into steps.



No programming required.



Transform thousands of rows in the blink of an eye.



36 transforms to choose from.



No need to upload your valuable data to a third party server.

Easy Data Transform is suitable for a wide range of data transformation tasks, including:

  • Merging and deduping email lists
  • Changing file encodings and delimiters
  • Analysing log files
  • Joining tables
  • Restructuring columns
  • Reformatting dates and numbers
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We were surprised how fast Easy Data Transform is. It processed our ~100,000 rows of data in just seconds, where our existing solution needed minutes. It took us less than an hour to transfer a script that filters and merges different datasets to Easy Data Transform. A script that initially took us days to write and test in our existing solution. Easy Data Transform is intuitive, fast, and simply does the job.

Oliver Grahl,

Just yesterday I had this client with a complex list reorganization: a couple dozen lists with several thousand data sets each, in all forms of CSV - with different delimiters and encodings - and Excel files had to be stacked, deduped, sorted, columns to be merged and removed and new columns to be added in order to create new improved lists. I've done projects like this a hundred times before. I had estimated the whole day for the implementation. Enter Easy Data Transform. I basically just needed to drag and drop the files onto the file area, add the "transformations" and that was it. Done in an hour. As a first time user. Wow!

Steffen Schneider, Dynamic Development

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