Batch processing

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Batch processing

To apply the current transform template file to multiple input files select File>Batch Process... . The Batch Process window will appear with a column for each input item and a column for each output item. The Alias for each item is displayed in the column header.


join multiple files



All input and output items must have an alias.

An output item can't have the same alias as another output or input item.

Output items with Write mode=Disabled are not shown.


Click Add to add a new processing row.


Click Remove to remove the selected processing row(s).


Click Clear to remove all processing rows.


In the (pink) input column you can use * and ? wildcards for file name stems, file extensions and Excel sheet names. E.g.:





All files with extension .csv in the Documents folder


All the files with name 'd' plus a single character in the Documents folder


All the sheets in data.xlsx in the Documents folder


All the sheets beginning with 'data' in all the .xslx files in the the Documents folder



If there is more than 1 input column that specifies multiple files or sheets, then an output will be created for each possible permutation of input files/sheets in the row. E.g. 3 input files from column 1 x 4 sheets from column 2 = 12 outputs to process.

Excel sheet names are not case sensitive.

You cannot use wildcards for folder names.

Batch processing will ignore files in sub-folders.


In the (green) output column you can use the following variables to create your output file name:


Output variable



{<input alias>}

The name of the input file being processed in the column with the corresponding alias.

If input alias 'orders' is using file 'C:\Users\andy\Documents\orders_2020.csv' then '{orders}' is replaced with value 'orders_2020'.

If input alias 'orders' is using file 'C:\Users\andy\Documents\orders_2020.xlsx' with sheet 'Sheet1' then '{orders}' is replaced with value 'orders_2020_Sheet1'.



Date processing was carried out in year_month_day format



Time processing was carried out in hours_minutes_seconds_milliseconds format



Date/Time processing was carried out in year_month_day_hours_minutes_seconds_milliseconds format format



Whether an ouput file is created, overwritten or appended to depends on the Write mode of the output item.


Click Process to start processing the rows.


Click Stop to stop processing the rows.


Click Close to close the window.


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