Preferences window

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Preferences window

Check open previous file at start-up if you want to start with the last file opened.


Check give option to disable outputs when opening a file if you want the option to disable any ouputs with write mode overwrite or append when you open a file, preventing accidentally writing over existing files. Note that this check is never made when using the -exit command line argument.


Check make a sound when processing completed if you want to make a system sound every time processing is completed.


Set Tool bar icon size to the size of the icons you wish to display in the tool bar.


Set Right pane processing delay depending on how long you want to wait after changes in the Right pane before starting processing. Setting the value to 0 is generally not recommended, as this means that every single click in the Right pane will cause processing.


Set Zoom wheel behavior according to how you want the mouse wheel to work in the Center pane. Hold down the Option key while moving the mouse wheel to switch between zoom and scroll. If Scroll direction: Natural is checked in your Mac Settings>Mouse then the directions will be reversed.


Data table font shows the font used in the data tables in the Right pane. Click Choose... to choose a new font. You might prefer a monospaced (fixed width) font such as Monaco or Courier New. Click Default to set it back to the operating system default.


Set supported date formats to the date formats you wish to recognize.