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When you select an input or transform item and add a transform or output item, connections are added automatically.


To select a connection

To select a connection either:

Click on the connection; or

Click and drag a box over any part of the connection. This may be easier than clicking the connection when you are zoomed back.




To delete a connection

To delete a connection:

Select the connection.

Select Edit>Delete (or click the Delete tool bar button).


To add a transform to a connection

To add a transform between two already connected items:

Select the connection.

Choose the new transform from the Left pane or using the right click menu.


To add a connection

To add a new connection between two existing items:

Hover over the start item.

Click the '+' that appears.




Hover over the end item

Click the '+' that appears.




Press the 'Esc' key or click away from an item to cancel adding the connection.


Note that the '+' will only appear if an additional connection is allowed. For example you can't:

Create a loop.

Connect more than once from a transform.

Connect more than once to an output.