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Split Col


Split text at delimiters in a selected column to create multiple columns or rows.



Split the 'Courses' column into multiple columns or rows:


how to split column into columns or rows by delimiter example






Select the Column you wish to split.

Supply the Delimiter for splitting the column (e.g. comma).

Set Into to:

oColumns to create a new column for each split value.

oRows to create a new row for each split value (the original row is removed).

Set Ordering depending on how you want to order values after splitting.

Check keep empty if you wish to keep empty values (e.g. honor delimiters with nothing in between).

set Min. values to the minimum number of columns/rows you wish to split each value into.

set Max. values to the maximum number of columns/rows you wish to split each value into (ignored if less than minimum).



If no Delimiter is supplied then no new columns are created.

If Into is Columns, new columns are added at the right end. You can change the column order with Reorder Cols.

If there is a header, the header of the new column is based on the original header. You can change the column name with Rename Cols.

The opposite of Split Col with Into as Columns is Concat Cols.


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