Plain text format

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Plain text format

Easy Data Transform can input from plain text format files. Default file extension ".log".


Plain text format is used for outputting semi-structured data, such as computer generated log files.


In plain text format the dataset is read into a single column. The row delimiter is line feed, carriage return or carriage return+line feed.


For example:


03/22 08:51:01 INFO   :..settcpimage: Associate with TCP/IP image name = TCPCS
03/22 08:51:02 INFO   :..reg_process: registering process with the system
03/22 08:51:02 INFO   :..reg_process: attempt OS/390 registration
03/22 08:51:02 INFO   :..reg_process: return from registration rc=0 


Is input in plain text format as:


plain text example