Column variables

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Column variables

Some transforms allow you to use the values of columns on the same row using column variables. Column values can be referenced either:


By column header name, e.g. $(item cost) for the 'item cost' column; or

By column index, e.g. $(1) for the first column.



The column name is case sensitive. E.g. column 'A' is referenced by variable $(A) and column 'a' is referenced by variable $(a).

Whitespace at the start or end of the column name is ignored. E.g. column ' A ' is referenced by variable $(A).

If multiple columns have the same name, the first column from the left with that name will be used.

Reference by name takes priority over reference by index. For example, if there is a column named "1" then $(1) will refer to that rather than the first column.