Concat Rows

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Concat Rows


Concatenate multiple consecutive rows into a single row.



Concatenate every 2 rows to 1:


How to concatenate 2 rows example



Concatenate rows until each empty row:


How to concatenate a variable number of rows example


Concat rows while value not starting with 'ID':


How to concatenate a variable number of rows to each row






Set Mode to Fixed or Variable depending on whether you want to use a fixed or variable number of rows from the current dataset to make each new row.

Set Create 1 row from every to N, to concatenate every N rows into 1 row (Mode=Fixed only).

Set Concatenate to Until or While to keep concatenating until/while a match is found for Matches and Value (Mode=Variable only).

Check case sensitive to use case sensitive matching for text (Mode=Variable only).

Set New row value depending on what you want to do with the value that denotes a new row (Mode=Variable only).



Use New Col if you need to add additional columns before concatenating rows.

Use Filter if you need to remove rows before concatenating row.

Use Rename Cols if you need to change column names after concatenating rows.

The opposite of Concat Rows is Split Rows.


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