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Sorts rows by one or more columns.



Sort by 'First' and then 'Last 'columns:


how to sort by multiple column values example






Click the add-button@1x button to add a new sort level.

Click the arrow-up@1x button to move the selected sort levels up.

Click the arrow-down@1x button to move the selected sort levels down.

Click the remove-button@2x button to delete the selected sort level(s).

Click the cancel@1x button to clear all sort levels.

Set Column to the column you want to sort by.

Set Order depending on whether you want to sort this column Ascending or Descending.



If you add multiple levels, it will sort by level 1 then level 1 values that are the same will be sorted by level 2 etc.

Number, date and text values are treated differently for sorting purposes.

Any values that can be converted to numbers will be treated as numbers.

Any values that match the supported date formats in Preferences will be treated as dates.

Comparisons of text are case and whitespace sensitive. You can use Case to change the case and Whitespace to remove whitespace before sorting.