Split a dataset into multiple files

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Split a dataset into multiple files

Easy Data Transform supports splitting datasets into multiple files in 2 different ways.


Example 1: Simple splitting


To split a dataset according to whether the Gender column contains M or F, use a pair of Filter transforms.


simple file splitter


Example 2: Split according to row values


To split a dataset according to Region column values:

Use transforms (such as Substitute) to create a column with the file location you want to output to, based on the Region column. The location can be an absolute path (e.g. c:\users\andy\output.csv) or a path relative to the .transform file location (e.g. results\output.csv). Folders output to must already exist. Empty or invalid values are ignored. This column is not output (use the Copy Cols transform if you want it to be).

Create an output with Output to set to Multiple files and the Files column selected.

Set Confirm files checked to be prompted before writing (recommended).


Advanced file splitter



Example 3: Split by size


To split a dataset into files of 1000 rows each:


row file splitter


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