Rename Cols

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Rename Cols


Rename column headers.



Rename columns 'first' to 'First' and 'Last' to 'last':


hwo to rename columns transform example






Change the column headers using the New name column.

Click the lower@1x button to change all the names to lower case.

Click the upper@1x button to change all the names to upper case.

Click the title@1x button to change all the names to title case.

Click the replace@1x button to  to replace name text using text, exact text or Regular expression matching.

Click the prefix@1x button to add text to the front or back of all the names.

Click the fingerprint@1x button to add '-2', '-3' etc to duplicate names, to make them unique.

Click the refresh@1x button to change all the names back to their original name.

Click the clipboard-arrow-right-circle_2@1x button to copy names to the clipboard.

Click the clipboard-arrow-right-circle@1x button to paste from from the clipboard.



The names of column headers do not have to be unique.

Warnings are shown in the Info tab for duplicate column names (case sensitive).

If you are pasting names, the format expected is comma delimited text. E.g.: name1,name2,name3.