Transform data

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Transform data

Transforms operate on datasets from input data or other transforms. Some transforms only have a single input (e.g. Case), some transforms have two inputs (e.g. Join) and some transforms have two or more inputs (e.g. Stack).


To create a transform, select one or more input and/or transform items in the Center pane and then click the appropriate button in the Left pane.


Select from the drop-down list in the Left pane to choose which types of transform are displayed, e.g. select Merge Transforms to show only transforms related to blending data.


Check the show advanced checkbox in the Left pane to see all available transforms.


You can select the transform item in the Center pane and change any options related to the transform (e.g. which columns it acts on) in the Right pane.


The transform will be updated automatically if any input or transform 'upstream' of it changes.