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Change units of time, length, temperature etc.



Convert the 'Temperature' column from Celsius to Fahrenheit:


How to convert temperature units example.






Check the column(s) you wish to transform.

Set Dimension to the dimensions of the units you wish to convert.

Set From to the units you wish to convert from.

Set To to the units you wish to convert to.



The locale  is used to decide how the number is represented (e.g. decimal separators).

Unit disambiguation:

oYears are 365.25 days.

oCalories are thermal/small/gram (not nutritional) Calories.

oMiles are International/Statute Miles.

oNautical miles are International Nautical Miles.

oGallons (US) are liquid gallons.

oPints (US) are liquid pints.

Warnings are shown in the Warnings tab for non-numeric values.

Non-numerical and empty values are not changed.

Use Copy Cols to copy columns before you transform them.

Use Num Format to change the number format of the results.

Use Extract or Split Col to remove any unit symbols from the value before conversion, e.g. to change "0.0 Kg" to "0.0".

If you want to convert units not covered here you can do it using the Javascript transform.