Manage a large number of Center pane items

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Manage a large number of Center pane items

Large .transform files can have 100+ Input, Transform, Output and Note items in the Center pane. There are various techniques you can use to keep this manageable:

Place items in conceptual groups with space bewteen. Use Note items to describe the purpose of the group.


Add note items




Try to avoid connections crossing items and other connections where possible.

Set Edit>Snap To Grid on to make it easier to keep items neatly aligned.

Select View>Show Tool Tips>Detailed, so that you can see detailed tooltips when hovering over an item.

Add comments in item Comment tabs. You can see these in tooltips when you hover over the items. You can also select View>Show Comments to show them on items.

Select View>Magnify Cursor to magnify items while zoomed back.


Magnify cursor.


Select View>Find Items to select items in the Center pane that match one or more search terms.

Configure the mouse wheel zoom and pan behavior using the Zoom wheel behavior field of the General tab in the Preferences window.

Hold down the Shift key and drag on the Center pane to scroll left/right/up/down.


Drag pan.



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