Markdown format

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Markdown format

Easy Data Transform can output to tables in Markdown format files. Default file extension ".md".


Markdown format is commonly used as a human-friendly markup language, which can be automatically translated to HTML.


For example:


convert to markdown


Is output as:


| CategoryID | CategoryName | Description                 | In stock |


| 1          | Beverages    | Soft drinks, coffees & teas | true     |

| 2          | Condiments   | Sweet and savory sauces     | false    |

| 3          | Confections  | Candies and sweet breads    | true     |


You can also use Markdown when you need a plain text version of your data, for example in a code comment.


Note that not all Markdown implementations support tables. If your implementation does not support tables, you may need to output to HTML instead.