TSV format

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TSV format

Easy Data Transform can input from and output to TSV format files. Default file extension ".tsv".


TSV (Tab Separated Value) format is commonly used for exchanging tabular data between programs.


TSV is a type of delimited text file format where values are separated by tab characters and rows by carriage returns. Tabs and carriage return are not allowed within data values, so there is no need for quoting or escaping delimiters, as with CSV files. This means that TSV files are generally a bit more compact and faster to read and write than CSV files.


To output to a TSV file you should set Delimiter to Tab (\t) and Quoting to Never in the Right pane. If you have a tab character or carriage return within a value, then Easy Data Transform will then convert it to a space on output.


For example:


convert to csv


Is output with Delimiter set to Tab (\t) and Quoting set to Never as:


CategoryID        CategoryName        Description                                In stock

1                Beverages                Soft drinks, coffees & teas        true

2                Condiments                Sweet and savory sauces                false

3                Confections                Candies and sweet breads        true