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Set the locale according to how you want to interpret values as numbers. For example:

If locale is set to US or UK then 123,456.7 is a number and 123.456,7 isn't

If locale is set to Germany or France then 123.456,7 is a number and 123,456.7 isn't


An integer is a whole number. E.g. 1.0 or 1,0 (depending on your locale), 0, -1 and 1e3 are considered integers.


Numeric values are recognized in the approximate range -1 x 10308 to +1 x 10308.


Numeric calculations are accurate to approximately 16 digits of precision. This means that Easy Data Transform may consider 12345678901234567 and 12345678901234568 to be equal, for example using the = operator in a Filter transform.


NaN means 'not a number'. It can be returned by some calculations, for example using Calculate to raise 1000 to the power 1000 will overflow numerically and return NaN.


Change the format of numbers (e.g. the number of decimal places or the decimal symbol) using the Num Format transform.


Change the base of integers (e.g. base 10 to base 16) using the Num Base transform.


Do numeric calculations, such as multiplying 2 columns, using the Calculate or Javascript transforms.


Add missing integers in a sequence using Sequence.