.transform files

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.transform files

.transforms file are stored in a simple XML format. So you can edit them with a standard text editor. However we recommend you make a copy first.


The results of transformations are not stored in the .transform file, and are recalculated whenever you File>Open... the file.


The contents of Input and Output files are not stored in the .transform file, only their locations. These locations are stored as 'absolute' locations, so you can move the .transform file without changing the locations of the Input and Output files.


If you open a .transform file in a different location from that in which it was saved and it can't find Input and Output files at the expected location it will look for them in the same location relative to the old .transform file. This allows you to easily move .transform files to different locations and computers if you keep the Input and Output files in the same relative location (e.g. in the same folder as the .transform file).  This even works between Windows and Mac (and vice versa),



mytransform.transform is in C:\Users\andy\Documents\ on Windows and uses Input file MyData.csv in sub-folder MyData (C:\Users\andy\Documents\Data\MyData.csv).

mytransform.transform is moved to /Users/Bob/Documents/EDT on a Mac.

When mytransform.transform is opened it will look for MyData.csv in /Users/andy/Documents/Data.

If it can't find that it will look for MyData.csv in sub-folder MyData (/Users/Bob/Documents/EDT/Data/MyData.csv).


If you paste in data From Clipboard this is stored in the .transform file. We don't recommend you do this for large datasets as XML is not very efficient for storing large amounts of data.