vCard format

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vCard format

Easy Data Transform can input from and output to vCard format files. Default file extension ".vcf".


VCard format is commonly used as way of exchanging contact details between programs.


Note that you need to change the column header names to the values expected by vCard (using the Rename Cols transform). For example vCard expects the full name column to be named FN.


Choose an appropriate text encoding. You should probably uncheck Byte Order Mark if you are encoding in a UTF format, such as UTF-8.


For example:


convert to vCard


Is equivalent to:





FN:Forrest Gump

ORG:Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

TEL;TYPE=WORK,VOICE:(111) 555-1212

ADR;TYPE=WORK,PREF:100 Waters Edge;Baytown;LA;30314;United States of America



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