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By default Easy Data Transform stores your preferences in macOS Library/Preferences. However you can store your preferences in an easydatatransform.ini file in the same folder as the Easy Data Transform .app file. This means you can install Easy Data Transform on a device without admin access. It also allows you to store everything on a portable device, such as a USB memory stick. You can even move your portable device between Windows and Mac computers.


To use Easy Data Transform portably:


Install Easy Data Transform into an appropriate folder on the portable device. Make sure you have write permission to the folder.

Start Easy Data Transform.

Open the Preferences window.

In the General tab set the Store these preferences in field to portable .ini file.

Click OK.

You may also wish to copy your .transform files to the portable device.


If you change the folder your portable version is installed in (e.g. you install a new version to a different folder) you should copy across your easydatatransform.ini file to the new folder.


If you move your portable device from one computer to another (e.g. Windows to Mac) the path of files may change (e.g. from D:\my_usb_key\my_transform.transform to /Volumes/my_usb_key/my_transform.transform). Easy Data Transform will try to be intelligent about handling these changes of path by:

storing recent .transform file paths as relative rather than absolute paths

by treating relative .transform paths as relative to the Easy Data Transform .app file.


It is possible to have Windows and Mac versions of Easy Data Transform on the same device sharing a single easydatatransform.ini file and common input, output and .transform files. Just make sure you install the Windows .exe and Mac .app into the same folder. We also recommend that they are the same version of Easy Data Transform.


If you have problems installing Easy Data Transform to a USB key see Mac Install Troubleshooting.


For the purposes of licensing, installing to a USB key, or other portable device, counts as one of your 3 allowed installs.


Note If you install Easy Data Transform Windows .exes or Mac .apps into 2 different folders and set them to use .ini files, they will each store their preferences in their own .ini file.