How to calculate age from DOB in Excel

Excel users frequently want to calculate age from date of birth. You can do this with a few simple steps in Easy Data Transform:

  1. Start Easy Data Transform. Make sure the Auto Run button is pressed in.

Auto run on

calculate age from DOB Excel

convert DOB to age Excel

Show advanced transforms

return new Date() - new Date( $(DOB) );

But replace DOB with the name of your date of birth column. Click Evaluate. The Age column should now show the difference (in milliseconds) between the current date and the date of birth.

convert from DOB to age Excel

Excel date of birth to age

Excel calculate age from DOB

convert date of birth to age in Excel

calculate age from birthdate in Excel

If you need to show duplicates in lots of Excel sheets you can do it in a single operation using the batch processing feature.

Easy Data Transform allows you to combine multiple transforms to quickly and easily create many different data transformations.

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