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This software is absolutely amazing! Using Easy Data Transformation, I was able to stack 4 Excel workbooks, trim the data, remove unneeded columns, unpivot the data (this is huge), stack the new dataset with another Excel workbook, concatenate columns, filter, sort, pivot, summarize and export to Excel, in less than 15 minutes. This would have taken me hours to do in Excel. The genius of this software is that you get to see each transformations results in real time! If you made a error in data transformation, you see it instantly!! I love this software and so will you!!

Dan Feliciano, OpEx90 Inc and Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, USA

EDT makes extracting data for endless CSV files fast and FUN. Its a playful tool that gets that job DONE!! Very Nice.

Jarvis M, USA

After years writing scripts for my bits and pieces of data, along comes a new "disruptor" product; Easy Data Transform. It dawns on me that lots of scripting will now become unnecessary. If you've ever seen a dog snapping at a wasp, that's how quickly the result appeared! Using EDT is as easy as plugging little plastic bricks together - and just as much fun! Without programming, EDT makes detailed ad-hoc examination of your data possible. Back in the day, I'd mentally compare the desire for a 'what if' answer from my data with the time it would take to write the script - so often the question was left unanswered. Easy Data Transform has changed that.

John Marquess, UK

I am so impressed by what EDT does. In managing my finances each month, I take many credit card statements, bank account statements, and cost category files and merge them together at the beginning of each month for the prior month. This used to take 2-3 hours each time I did this. I now have EDT set up to do this and all I have to do is change the input files each month and the formatting, aggregation, and summarization all happens instantly. I set up checkpoints and error “reports” along the transform flow so I can look at various nodes to see if things are formatted and adding up the way they should be. It is such a powerful tool. I also use it to explore the famous comprehensive baseball database (Lahman I think). EDT is really a totally cool tool. I have done joins resulting in 3-4 million records and EDT handles it easily.

Jeff Anding, USA

Easy Data Transform is now an essential part of my software toolkit when working with Excel files. It’s already paid for itself many times over in terms of time saved, and its simplicity of use means you can jump in and start benefitting right away. If you have to handle large, messy Excel files, you need this program.

Tim Smith, MagicLogic

Oh my god! I have been looking for a tool like this for ages! All too often I have to ingest a spreadsheet into a scripting language just to iterate over the rows and do some basic transforms. Simple stuff, but way too complex for excel functions. Basically a way to treat a tabular spreadsheet and perform some SQL commands on it. This tool is awesome!

Cody Caughlan, USA

I just used 1.7 for a major project - worked like a dream and flawless. I created an entire Payroll validation from Legacy suite to new system in less than 90 minutes: 1) Data manipulation in Easy Data Transform - 10 minutes (this would have taken several hours in Excel manually). 2) Data verification and manual checks - 45 min. 3) Excel Report Formatting - 35 min. Entire Process was easy and flawless.

Dave Vannorsdel, USA

I truly enjoy using your software that helps me even for smaller chores (sorting through a list of 60 e-mails with "name, first name <whatever@somemail.xx>" and generating two columns with the names and the mails) that can be done by hand or with other software, but way faster and more enjoyably with Easy Data Transform.

Giorgio LS, Switzerland

I’m quite impressed with the capabilities, it has me dreaming a bit. I know there will be some excel geeks saying I can do that but being able to set up multiple filters, multiple branching and save the logic to drop and drag, all I can say is wow! Great job, I will be showcasing you app whenever I have the opportunity. And I appreciate that the price is reasonable and also that it is cross platform, a big plus in my books!

Chuck White, USA

Your software is easy to learn and powerful!

Craig Heitmann, gsystems.com

I consider it easily the most useful new piece of software I’ve come across this year, on any platform. I had to convert a large musical database exported from a music application, and tested Easy Data Transform at full scale: 15000 records, 64 variables, an unholy mess. The XML exported from the music application was so messy it clogged up a double Xeon system for 8 hours before it crashed. Then EDT came into play, and it proved handy beyond expectation. Spreadsheet-like visualization combined with the agility of a Unix tool and the conceptual neatness of iThoughts. Elegant. We love it. We won’t part with it.

Chris L., Switzerland

BTW, this is the most brilliant program ever. Well done!!!

Patrick H., USA

Your software is fantastic! Made a transform yesterday for finding and inserting correct salutation (gender) for our German customers. Worked perfect, and saved me hours of work!

Torgrim Sandvoll, Alfasoft.com, Norway

I use Easy Data Transform to join and manipulate multiple CSV files and I have found it to be very powerful and simple to use. It has saved me a lot of time as as I had been using scripts to do the work previously.

Martin M, UK

I am using Easy Data Transform to see if I can compare raw data files from various DNA testing companies and ultimately to merge them together. I had previously done that in Excel, but that was a real PITA using vlookup functions and millions of equations. I was quite impressed that Easy Data Transform could merge 2 files of 700,000 lines together, do some summarization and pivot in about 5 seconds. The pivot table enhancements you made for me were excellent.

Louis Kessler, Canada

Easy Data Transform allows quick and easy visual shuffling and exploration of biological data without command line tools and sql databases. It turns the handling of large data tables generated in transcriptome and genome analyses into a much easier task. Your app is a joy to use, it allows me to follow ideas at much higher speed than before.

Hans G.

I have done formal tests with another tools and your's is simple to use and also powerful. You also have a super support users !! very reactive and very professional.

P Save, France

Easy Data Transform saved a lot of time doing a client's postal code analysis instead of trying to set it up in Excel.

Mark Krieger, Canada

I see EDT is still being updated frequently and regularly so you're clearly keeping busy! And I should add my thanks for keeping EDT as good as it is -- it remains a brilliant program, up there with the short list of things I often recommend to like-minded souls who don't mind thinking outside of stereotypical boxes.

Tim Parsons, UK

I really like your application Easy Data Transform, it helps me soooo much! I really have fun using it, good job!

Jessica Barns, studyo.co, Canada

Easy Data Transform has a generous demo policy to help people get started and then really see the ease and power of the solution. The process for combining continuously updated, large datasets from public and private sources is greatly streamlined with this flexible tool. The visual workflow environment allows me to clearly communicate data processing workflows in our published work that are easily repeatable and adjustable by others: all without writing and textually documenting complicated data manipulation scripts.

Michael Klopfer (Academic Researcher), California, USA

I use Easy Data Transform to manage my banking information from three separate accounts to analyze my expenses. Easy Data Transform cleans up the three different data structures into one universal structure, filters out everything that's not an expense and then Aggregates (fantastic) the data into Categories (gas, utilities etc.) and Class (e.i. overhead, normal etc.) and outputs to an Excel file. Excel's only job is to present a nice looking report. Why not let Excel do all the aggregating? Because Excel sheets have a way of getting complex very fast then after months of creating the sheet, when you need to make changes, it becomes unclear where the changes that are needed are located in the sheet and is prone to introduce hard to see errors in the data. In Easy Data Transform it is very easy to locate what you need to change and avoid the ease of introducing errors into the calculations.

John Nicholson, USA

This tool is a gem - which was hidden for me too long. First of all I was attracted by the concept: the user can craft a combination of filters and processing tools like a flow-chart on a whiteboard. The built in tools are very powerful: pivot, join, intersection, all kinds of filters and so on. The replace tool includes regex. Plus a Javascript transform which you can program yourself. A wide range of input formats (including XML) and output formats (including Markdown) are available. This software seems to be implemented very thoughtfully. The high quality is also expressed in a very good documentation with examples. So if you are wrangling data from time to time or every day and do prefer a graphical approach and prefer to create something repeatable and automatable then this is a must have.

Thomas Schlosser, IT-Consultant, Germany

It's just amazingly quick and intuitive to build up some quite complex transforms.

Tim Rhodes, UK

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