Easy Data Transform v1.11.2
For Windows and Mac

This release adds bug fixes and improvements to v1.11.1. The download links are at the bottom of the page.

We recommend that you back-up important transform files before installing any new release. Please let us know of any problems or issues you encounter with the release.

You can uninstall old releases after you have successfully installed this version.

Windows and Mac

1. There are now Move first, Move up, Move down, Move last and Reset buttons in the Right pane of the Reorder Cols transform. You can use these as an alternative to dragging the columns into order.

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2. There was an issue with batch processing. This is now fixed. Thanks to Kiran S. for reporting this.

3. Previously the Cross transform did not always give the correct result when 3 or more data sets were input to the same transform. In the example below, A and B should be the same.

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This is now fixed. Thanks to Miguel M. for reporting this.

4. Previously, if a Cross transform had a single input, it output an empty dataset. It now outputs the input dataset.

5. Previously, if a Cross transform had an input with no rows, the output would have no columns. It now keeps the columns.

6. We have created a brand new Easy Data Transform discussion forum at forum.easydatatransform.com. Please go there to ask questions and show us what you have been doing.

Mac only

6. Previously double clicking on a .transform file could cause the file to be opened twice. This is now fixed.

7. Previously Excel files with non-latin characters in their file name or path might not be read. This is now fixed.


Windows Logo Windows Download

v1.11.2 for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 (50 MB)

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v1.11.2 for Mac 11.1 to 10.12 (25 MB)

Questions or problems?

Email support@easydatatransform.com