Easy Data Transform v1.17.0
For Windows and Mac

This release adds improvements and bug fixes to v1.16.0. The download links are at the bottom of the page.

We recommend that you back-up important transform files before installing any new release. Please let us know of any problems or issues you encounter with the release.

You can uninstall old releases after you have successfully installed this version.

Windows and Mac

1. An item is now shown in the Right pane only when a single item is selected in the Center pane. This makes scrolling simpler and allows us to better size the individual elements in the Right pane. We feel this is much more useable than the previous approaches, which tried to handle showing multiple items in the Right pane. Thanks to Ziad Y. for the feedback.

**Right** pane scroll bars

2. A new Toggle data on/off button is available at the top of the Right pane.

Show data button

3. There is now a Plain text format for input files. This is similar to a delimited text file (such as CSV) but it reads the data into a single column. I could be useful for things like log files. It is now the default for input files with the extension .log.

Plain text file

4. A Calculate transform has been added. This can perform calculations on 1 or 2 columns.

Operation Operates on
Addition 2 number columns or 1 date and 1 number column
Subtraction 2 number columns, 2 date columns or 1 date and 1 integer column
Multiplication 2 number columns
Power 2 number columns
Modulus 2 integer columns
Abs 1 number column
Ceiling 1 number column
DayOfWeek 1 date column
DayOfMonth 1 date column
DayOfYear 1 date column
Decrement 1 date column
Floor 1 number column
Length 1 column of any type
Log10 1 number column
Ln 1 number column
Month 1 date column
Round 1 number column
Sign 1 number column
year 1 date column

Example rounding a number column:

Calculate example for rounding a column of numbers

Example multiplying two number columns:

Calculate example for 2 number columns

Example addition of one date column and one number column:

Calculate example for date and number columns

Example difference calculkation on two date columns:

Calculate example for 2 date columns

It should be easier to use than the Javascript transform for simple calculations. See the help for more details. Let us know if there are any other calculations you would like to see added.

5. The old Replace transform has now been superceded by a new Replace transform that supports replacing multiple terms in one transform. Thanks to Brad K., Charles W. and Ziad Y. for the suggestion.

Replace multiple terms

6. The Replace transform now has an Exact text option. With this option selected a replacement will only be made if the text matches exactly, including whitespace. Thanks to Joao for the suggestion.

7. The Replace, Filter, If, Compare Cols, Slice, Split Rows and Dedupe transforms now have the option for case insensitive matching of text by unchecking the case sensitive check box.

Case insensitive filtering

8. Space has been added as a possible delimiter for delimited text files. Note that a space delimited text file (where a single unquoted space separates columns) is not the same as a fixed width text file (where 0 or more spaces are used to pad out each column to a fixed size). Thanks to Frank S. for the suggestion.

Space delimiter

9. There is now the option to use Custom delimiters when inputting or outputting delimited text files.

Custom CSV delimiter

10. The following statistical measures have been added to the Summary transform:

See the help for more details. Thanks to Dan F. for the suggestions.

11. Any open tooltips are hidden when moving between items in the Center pane using the keyboard.

12. There have been improvements to sizing of controls in the Right pane, e.g. for the If transform. Thanks to Joao for the suggestion.

13. Improved the handling of numerical precision, e.g. to prevent 1 being shown as 0.99999999.

14. The allowed values for the second column were not correctly reset when disconnecting and reconnecting Compare, Slice and Total transforms. This is now fixed. Thanks to Alexey for reporting this.


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