Easy Data Transform v1.19.1
For Mac and Windows

This release adds improvements and bug fixes to v1.19.0. The download links are at the bottom of the page.

We recommend that you back-up important transform files before installing any new release. Please let us know of any problems or issues you encounter with the release.

You can uninstall old releases after you have successfully installed this version.

Windows and Mac

1. We fixed a crash that could occur with the Slice transform. Thanks to Carl H for reporting it.

2. The following JSON:

    "record 1":{
        "value": 1
    "record 2":{
        "value": 2
    "record 3":{
        "value": 3

Is now flattened on input into:

JSON example

Rather than:

JSON example

This avoids previous issues with creating thousands or millions of columns from some JSON datasets. Thanks to Tim R for reporting it.

3. Checks on maximum memory usage are now made while inputting JSON and XML. More fine-grained feedback is also given on progress.

4. Fixed an issue in batch processing. Thanks to Miguel SM for reporting it.

5. Fixed an issue with the layout of the tables in the Input extensions and Output extensions tabs of the Preferences window.

6. An empty Delimiter field in the Concat Cols transform no longer generates a warning. Thanks to Tim P for the suggestion.

7. Fixed a minor layout issue in the Right pane for the Reorder Cols transform. Thanks to @Free_World_Maps for reporting it.

8. Added extra flexibility in the naming of Excel sheets.

Thanks to Jimmy H for the suggestion.

9. You can select File>Command Line… to display and copy sample text to use for command line parameters. Warnings may also be shown.

command line sample

10. The error messages have been improved when running Easy Data Transform from the command line in verbose mode.

11. Fixed an issue in the layout of Note items in the Right pane.

12. The Pivot transform now doesn’t show a warning if either the Columns or Rows options are set (previously they both had to be set not to generate a warning).

13. The default Center pane color scheme is now set according to whether the operating system is in dark or light mode when Easy Data Transform is first run.


Windows Logo Windows Download

v1.19.1 for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 (37 MB)

Apple Logo Mac Download

v1.19.1 for Mac 11.x to 10.13 (38 MB)

Questions or problems?

Email support@easydatatransform.com