Easy Data Transform v1.32.0
For Mac and Windows

This release adds improvements and bug fixes to v1.31.0. The download links are at the bottom of the page.

We recommend that you back-up important transform files before installing any new release. Please let us know of any problems or issues you encounter with the release.

You can uninstall old releases after you have successfully installed this version.

Windows and Mac

1. The Concat Rows transform now has a Variable mode for extra flexibility.

Concatenate rows before each empty row:

concatenate rows example

Concatenate rows while value not starting with ‘ID’:

how to concatenate rows

2. You can now use the right-click menu to quickly filter rows or columns in the Right pane data table.

filter data

3. Previously the Slice transform would remove all rows if matches to the first and last columns were not found. Now it only does this when Mode is set to Keep. E.g. If Mode is set to Remove and the first and last rows of the slice are not matched, the data remains unchanged, which we feel is more intuitive. Note that this change could affect existing .transform files. Thanks to @CC5 for reporting this on the forum.

4. Previously you couldn’t use columns with parentheses in the column name as column variables. This is now fixed. Thanks to @Johnnycash for reporting this on the forum.


column variable before


column variable before

5. Fixed a bug that could result in a crash when importing Excel spreadsheets with hyperlinks. Thanks to Jimmy H. for reporting this.

6. Previously if there were columns with duplicate names, only 1 value would be output to XML format. This is now fixed. Thanks to Alex S. for reporting this.


duplicate column names to XML before


duplicate column names to XML after


Windows Logo Windows Download

v1.32.0 for Windows 11/10/8/7 (41 MB)

Apple Logo Mac Download

v1.32.0 for Mac 12.x to 10.13 (42 MB)

Questions or problems?

Email support@easydatatransform.com