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Change to licensing for Easy Data Transform

It is always tricky to get the pricing and licensing right for new products. But the clear feedback we have been getting from the first few weeks of selling Easy Data Transform is that people don’t like annual subscriptions, particularly for desktop software. So we have changed Easy Data Transform from an annual subscription of $99 / €90 / £75 + tax to a one-time payment of the same amount.

If and when we released Easy Data Transform v2 you can either buy an upgrade to v2 (60% cheaper than a new license) or just keep using v1 indefinitely. v2 is more than a year away, so the change is only to your advantage.

If you previously purchased a subscription, you should have already received a replacement permanent license key. If not, email us.

We have made a new release with some cosmetic changes (e.g. the Subscription menu has become the Licensing menu). You don’t need to upgrade if you already have v1.0.0 installed.

Download Easy Data Transform v1.0.1

If you were previously put off by the annual subscription, now is the time to buy a license!

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd

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