How to normalize data

Sometimes you need to normalize data into a standardized range (also known as ‘feature scaling’). For example, you might want to normalize a list of scores so that the maximum score is 1 and all the other scores are proportionally less. Or you might want to normalize the scores so that the maximum is 1 and the minimum is 0. You can easily do these types of normalization using Easy Data Transform.

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Normalize data

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Feature scaling

Scale transform

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Normalized data

Acale by column

Normalized by column

Maximum minimum normalization

Max min normalization

Convert normalized data

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Scale to percentage

For more information on Scale options see the Scale documentation.

As well as normalizing data, Easy Data Transform also allows you to combine 66 transforms in many other ways to create complex data transformations step-by-step for numerical, text and date data.

Easy Data Transform can process millions of rows, and input and output in multiple formats. If you need to normalize data in lots of files, you can do it in a single operation using the batch processing feature.

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