How to remove duplicate rows in Excel

Excel users frequently want to remove rows that have duplicate values. For example to remove the rows with duplicate emails in:

Excel remove duplicate rows

To get:

Excel duplicates removed

This is trivially easy to do in Easy Data Transform:

  1. Install Easy Data Transform on your PC or Mac, if you haven’t done so already. It will only take a minute. There is a fully fuctional free trial and you don’t have to give us your email or sign up to anything.
  2. Start Easy Data Transform.
  3. Drag the Excel spreadsheet you wish to remove duplicates from onto Easy Data Transform. A pink input item will be added.
  4. Ensuring the pink input item is selected, click the Dedupe button in the left pane. A blue transform item is added and selected.

Excel remove duplicates

In the right pane check the columns you want to remove duplicates for. Only the first row with a particular value is kept.

Excel remove duplicate rows

For example:

Note that duplicate checking is sensitive to case and white space. You can use Case and Whitespace transforms before the Dedupe to modify case and whitespace, e.g. to set all the emails to lower case. You can also use the Sort transform to change the row order before the Dedupe.

When you are happy with the results output the result into a new Excel spreadsheet or CSV file.

Easy Data Transform allows you to combine 45 different transforms to quickly and easily manipulate your data. You can also use it to show duplicates in Excel.

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