How to split CSV into multiple files

Easy Data Transform provides 2 different ways to split a CSV file into multiple files (of CSV or other formats).

Simple example

In this example we have a CSV file with a Gender column that identifies the person in each row as M or F.

CSV file splitter

We want to split this into a CSV file with all the M rows and another CSV file with the all F rows.

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Advanced example 1

In this example we have a CSV file with a column that shows the Department of each person.

CSV file splitter

We want to create a separate output file for each department.

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split CSV multiple files

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Advanced example 2

If you want to split a large CSV file into multiple 1000 row Excel files you can do that similarly to Advanced example 1 (above), but using the Row Num transform.

row file splitter

Use a Remove Cols transform before the output if you don’t want to output the Row Num column.

If you have lots of files to convert you can do it using the batch processing feature.

As well as changing file format, Easy Data Transform also allows you to combine 66 transforms (such as join, stack and dedupe) to quickly create complex data transformations.

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