Why you can trust our software


We have been selling software commercially since 2005, with 3 products: PerfectTablePlan, Hyper Plan and Easy Data Transform. Our customers include corporations, governments and the military.


Our software is written in C++ by us and compiled into native applications that run on Windows and Mac. The software runs on your local computer, not ‘in the cloud’.

Windows toolchain

Mac toolchain:

Source code

Our source code is stored securely on our network. Only company employees have access to our source code. We do not use outsourced software development.

Product data storage

Our software stores it’s data locally on your harddisk. No-one (including us) can access this data, unless they have access to files on your harddisk.

Digital signature

Our software is digitally signed by us (Oryx Digital Ltd) to show that we created it. If the digital signature is present, then you can be sure it hasn’t been tampered with. If you can’t see a digital signature, then please contact us before installing.

Windows digital signature

The Windows installer and executable are signed using a digital certificate issued by Sectigo. You can check the signature by right-clicking on the installer file, selecting Properties and looking at the Digital Signatures tab. It should say Oryx Digital Ltd (the timestamp will vary).

Windows digital certificate

Mac digital signature

The Mac .app is signed using a digital certificate issue by Apple. You can check the signature by running in the terminal (changing the .app file name as appropriate):

codesign -dv --verbose=4 /Applications/EasyDataTransform.app

You should see somewhere in the output:

Authority=Developer ID Application: Oryx Digital Ltd (C69HU3VR25)
Authority=Developer ID Certification Authority
Authority=Apple Root CA

Malware checks

All our software is checked by with multiple anti-virus/malware scanners using the virustotal.com service before release.

The Mac .app is also notarized by Apple. You can check the notarization by running in the terminal (changing the .app file name as appropriate):

spctl -a -v /Applications/EasyDataTransform.app

You should see in the output:

Applications/EasyDataTransform.app: accepted
source=Notarized Developer ID


Our software checks with an XML page on our server once a week to see if a new version of the software is available. It does not automatically update. It does not upload your data files.


Our software does not use Java or the Log4j library and therefore has no exposure to Log4j exploits.