How to VLOOKUP multiple criteria

In Excel you can lookup a value using the VLOOKUP formula. Things get tricky if you want to do a lookup based on more than one value, but this is fairly easy in Easy Data Transform.

For example if you have a list of orders with product code and supplier code in separate columns in one sheet:

VLOOKUP multiple criteria

And you want to lookup the description corresponding to each product code and supplier code pair in another sheet:

VLOOKUP multiple criteria example

You can do this quickly and easily with Easy Data Transform. You just need to create helper columns that concatenate the two columns in each sheet and then do the lookup using the helper columns.

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VLOOKUP multiple criteria tutorial

VLOOKUP multiple value

VLOOKUP multiple columns

VLOOKUP two values

VLOOKUP two criteria

VLOOKUP two columns

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Excel VLOOKUP multiple criteria

Excel VLOOKUP alternative

You can add a Remove Cols transform if you want to remove any columns (e.g. the new helper columns) before output.

Concat Cols and Lookup are just two of the 66 transforms that Easy Data Transform supports.

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