What is data wrangling?

‘Data wrangling’ (also called ‘data munging’) is the process of transforming data from a ‘raw’ form (e.g. output by an analytics tool) into a form more useful for other activities (e.g. writing reports or importing into another tool). This will often involve blending together multiple sources of data, cleaning up the data (e.g. removing duplicates and invalid values) and re-structuring the data. It has been said that data science is “80% data wrangling and 20% complaining about data wrangling”.

Professional data scientists often use tools such as R, Python and SQL to do data wrangling. However these are complex tools with steep learning curves. A simpler alternative is ‘no code’ data wrangling tools, such as our own Easy Data Transform. You can see Easy Data Transform in action wrangling a real dataset by clicking the image below.

What is data wrangling

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