Easy Data Transform v1.38.0
For Windows and Mac

This release adds improvements to v1.37.1 on Windows and Mac. The download link is at the bottom of the page.

We recommend that you back-up important transform files before installing any new release. Please let us know of any problems or issues you encounter with the release.

You can uninstall old releases after you have successfully installed this version.

Windows and Mac

1. The Split Col transform now has an additional Lengths option. You can use this to split a column by character position. Set Lengths as a comma separated list of the number of characters in each new column. Put a - (minus) prefix in front of a value to ignore it. Use * as the last item to mean ‘the rest of the value’. Only 1 * can be used. For example:

Thanks to @GLS for the suggestion.

Split column by lengths

2. You can now filter columns in the Characters tab of the Right pane. This is similar to filtering in the Date tab, but you can only filter on column (case insensitive). Thanks to @JJWD for the suggestion.

Filter character columns

3. There are now navigation buttons for the Characters pane.

Navigate character columns

4. The Split Col transform now shows a message in the Warnings tab if:

5. Reading from an Excel sheet with no data previously returned an error for the input. Reading from an Excel sheet with no data now shows an empty dataset for the input, but no error. Thanks to David C. for reporting this.

6. When we added new fuzzy comparison operators to the If transform in v1.36.0, we introduced a backward compatibility issue.

.transform files created before v1.36.0 are now read in correctly to v1.38.0.

If you have any .transform files that meet all the following criteria:

Then the result might be incorrect and you should re-run the .transform again with this v1.38.0 release. Thanks to @Patrick for reporting this.

7. The following ‘How do I?’ pages have been added:

For Windows:

For Mac:


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v1.38.0 for Windows 11/10/8/7 (45 MB)

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v1.38.0 for Mac 13.x to 10.13 (69 MB)

Questions or problems?

Email support@easydatatransform.com