How to merge timestamped data

If you want to merge 2 sets of timestamped data, and they have identical timestamps, you can do so using a Join transform. But, if the timestamps don’t exactly match up (e.g. they have different intervals), you can easily merge them using the Interpolate transform. Here is a simple example of merging timestamped solar panel and weather station data.

Merge timestamped data

Merge ISO timestamped data

Merge datetime timestamps

return ( new Date( $(Timestamp) ) - new Date( "2020-01-01" ) / 1000;

Seconds since 2020-01-01

transform timestamped data

convert timestamped data

ready to interpolate timestamped data

select timestamped data

interpolate timestamped data

interpolate timestamped data

interpolate timestamp data

merge timestamp data

export timestamped data

CSV timestamped data

As well as interpolating data, Easy Data Transform also allows you to combine 52 transforms in many other ways to quickly and easily create complex data transformations for numerical, text and date data. See our quick start guide for more details.

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