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Easy Data Transform v1.19.1 released

Easy Data Transform v1.19.1 is now available for Windows and Mac. Improvements include:

Find out more and download the new release from the release page:

Download Easy Data Transform v1.19.1

This is a free upgrade for everyone with a valid license. If you don’t yet have a license, you can buy one here.

Thanks to everyone who sent us bug reports and suggestions for improvements. Is there something you would like to see improved in Easy Data Transform? A bug that needs fixing? Something that is too slow? A feature request? Let us know at forum.easydatatransform.com.

Data cleaning is analysis

Traditionally data cleaning is seen as the boring grunt work before the analysis. But this article argues that data cleaning is an integral part of the analysis.

And finally…

Spotted on www.reddit.com/r/datascience/:

data munging

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