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Easy Data Transform v1.22.0 released

Easy Data Transform v1.22.0 is now available for Windows and Mac. Improvements include:

Find out more and download the new release from the release page:

Download the update

This is a free upgrade for everyone with a valid license. If you don’t yet have a license, you can buy one here.

Thanks to everyone who sent us bug reports and suggestions for improvements.


We have put a lot of effort into rounding off rough corners in this release. In particular, we have spent a lot of time trying to fix issues related to cascading column changes from inserting a transform. So that when an inserted transform adds, reorders, renames or deletes a column, this is properly reflected in transform options further downstream. This is a challenging thing to get right. Please let us know if you are still having issues with this. Or if there is something else you would like to see improved in Easy Data Transform. Something that is too slow? A feature request? A typo? Let us know by replying to this email or on the forum.

macOS 12 (Monterey)

We tested Easy Data Transform on the latest version of macOS and found no problems.

Easy Data Transform on macOS 12 (Monterey)

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And finally…

Spotted on Reddit:

“The ugly truth is that most data science positions are not about magical machine learning models that boost the company’s performance by 9000%, but data munging and chart generation for the suits, and other handwavium.”

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd

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